Saturday, January 17, 2009

Safeway: Store Sale $2.47

Target: Store Sale (clearance and repackage) $8.45

Winco: Coupons $4.84
Bag Discount $.09

Perfect Look: Coupon $1.50

Grocery Outlet: Store Sale $7.00

Safeway: Bottle Deposit Return $4.25
Coupon $2.85 *free tall Starbucks tea beverage coupons - in store ad through 1/20!

Joann: Store Sale $5.10
Coupons $8.00

Rite Aid: Store Sale $6.00
Coupons $29.00 (!!!)

(Rite Aid has a sale on Huggies diapers right now. Coupled with wipes, coupons from Sunday and additional rebates and coupons, you end up with 2 packs of diaper and 2 tubs of wipes for $3.96! More details HERE - but my wipes were $3.49, not $3.69)


yorkdale-girl said...

Oooh! Does the Starbucks q work for their new Tea Lattes? If it does, try the Earl Grey tea latte. It is quite yummy!

MamaOnABudget said...

It DOES! Any of their tall tea products. I didn't know which it applied to, so I asked the lady, and she recommended the London Fog, too. It's really, really good!