Saturday, February 28, 2009

Free Sambucol

This isn't something that I've used, but I know that a friend highly recommends it. This week you can get it free at Walgreens.

It's priced around $12.99 at Walgreens.
There's a $10/1 coupon in the front of the easy saver catalog at your store.
There's a $4/1 coupon HERE.

Now's the time to stock up for those springtime colds!

Thanks Money Saving Mom

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 free meals tomorrow

I was joking with my husband about this, but the fact is that you really could eat three free meals tomorrow (Tuesday, February 23). He asked if I really wanted to go to the city for this tomorrow... and I had to remind him that I have celiac disease and couldn't eat any of it.

However, to all you normal people...

Tomorrow is National Free Pancake Day - so everyone can get a free short stack of pancakes at IHOP from 7 AM to 10 PM. A donation to Children's Miracle Network is requested, but not required.

Then there's Two Free Tacos at Jack in the Box for their (I'm sorry... exceedingly lame) campaign. Click HERE for that coupon.

And Quiznos is giving away a free sub to the first 1,000,000 people to sign up. It appears that you can sign up each adult in your household. I just signed up for me and for my husband, and they're only up to the mid one hundred thousands... and we did get our coupons already.

So, head on over HERE and sign up for a free sandwich!

Fill a big jug with water and grab a few cups - and go have a day on the town with your family. Bring some fruit and/or veggies along with you, too. Antacids might be a nice dessert =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great deal on some great products!

This week, Walgreens has all Yes To Carrots products on sale 25% off. Yes To Carrots is an AWESOME line of beauty products, from skin care to hair care an assorted others. Here's a little blurb from their website:

All of our Yes To products combine the fresh, unadulterated goodness of organic fruits and vegetables with the purifying and moisturizing properties of 26 minerals harvested from the ancient world's most renowned spa- the Dead Sea.

I first tried their products back after Thanksgiving when Walgreens had the body butters on sale for $1.99 and I had a few BOGO coupons. I now use the Yes To Carrots body butter on my 2 year old daughter after every bath and shower. She has extremely sensitive skin and this not only agrees with her, but it leaves her skin so soft without a perfume-overload smell.

Well, Walgreens is at it again! All Y2C products are 25% off this week. This is a great time to take advantage of the BOGO coupons you get when you sign up for the carrot club (free of charge).

While we're at the Y2C website, how about some free lip balm this week? On the main page you'll notice a link for a $2 off coupon. Go ahead and print that! Then go over to Walgreens' site and print the coupon for $1 off the lip balms. Your mileage may vary (YMMV) with this one, as the coupon is marked something like "not in conjunction with any other offer" - but it was accepted for me. The lip balm is on sale this week for $2.76. After those two coupons, you have free lip balm and $.24 overage (reminder that Wags will not pay you overage - so go find something for a quarter in their clearance section - all Valentine's Day stuff is currently 50%, too =) ).

I got, of course, the carrot =) I like it a lot!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

I just won my 220th swagbuck! I'm about to cash out toward a $20 Target gift card - just from searching the internet for things I needed to look up anyway!

Interested? It's free. Click here to sign up or ask me more...

Search & Win

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I just won $20!

Safeway has their Kellogg's fruit snacks on sale this week for $1. I had 3 $1/2 coupons. So the kids and I hit the store today to get treats. Only, the shelves were bare except for Yogos Sours.

Thankfully, they like these and they fit the coupon - so we picked up 6 boxes for $3. I had heard that some boxes were marked with a chance to win a gift card inside - $5, $10, $20 or $100. Odds varied by denomination, but the overall odds of winning were 1:50.

First box had nothing. Second box had nothing. Third box had a $10 gift card! Fourth had nothing. Fifth and sixth each had $5 gift cards! They're Discover gift cards, so they're usable anywhere that accepts Discover Card!

My husband and I were joking that we should go back for the last 2 on the shelf and pay the whole $1 for them... since OUR odds of winning were 1:2 =)

Cheap Triaminic

Walgreens had the Triaminic Thin Strips on sale 2 for $10. I printed out some $1.50 off each coupons, bringing the total for those down to $7.00. There's a rebate this month for $6 off two Triminic or Theraflu products ($6.60 with 10% gift card bonus).

I just got two box of Triminic thin strips for $.40 =)

How I saved $239.97 and earned $10

I wish I would have seen this earlier than 2 hours ago because I would have posted it for others. The Bayer Contour Blood Sugar Monitors were on sale at Rite Aid for $14.99. I had 3 coupons from a few weeks back for up to $30 off each monitor, limit one per person per transaction... so I brought my kids with me for the other purchases (though she let me use all three). Then Rite Aid has a rebate this month where you purchase 3 of any of a handful of heart-protecting products and you get a $10 Rite Aid gift card in the mail. You got it - this monitor was on the list.

So, the monitors retail for $79.99 each ($239.97). They were on sale under the coupon limit - so I paid nothing out of pocket. And I'm submitting my receipt for the $10 gift card.

To make the deal sweeter, I'll be donating these monitors to some organization that needs them - a homeless shelter, woman's shelter, food pantry, etc - which will be a tax break for us next year =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Playing catch-up... again

In today's outgoing mail:
$15 in coupons form and UPCs to Pepsi/Frito Lay
Request for 4, 2 cookie samples from Pamela's Products when you buy and 3 Pamela's products... and they're gluten free!
(and finally) $5 rebate for Sleeping Beauty/Minute Maid
$5 rebate for Tinker Bell/Minute Maid

Here's where I play catch-up with these receipts from the past few weeks.
Store sales $2.50
Store coupons $9.55

Store coupon $3.60

Store discount $.92
Gift certificate for total of $200 purchases thus far - $10.00

Store coupon $3.60

Safeway bottle refund $1.35

Store clearance sales $15.33
Coupon $5.99

Old Navy
Store clearance sales $18.75

Store card savings $28.51
Coupons $10.00

Burger King
Coupon $2.48

Store card savings $.67

Fred Meyer
Store sale $5.98
Store coupon $1.00

JoAnn 1
Store coupon $1.32

JoAnn 2
Store coupon $5.18

Store coupon $1.32

Store card savings $23.79
coupon $2.67

Store card savings $13.30
coupons $5.22 (I found a $2 off your order coupon when entering the store!)
bag credit $.03

Safeway 1
Store Card savings $50.81
Coupons $26.12
Bag credits: $.09

Safeway 2
Store Card savings $22.26
Coupons $10.62
Bag credits: $.06

Rite Aid
Store clearance $4.20
Coupons $1.05

Fred Meyer
Store Coupons $6.42
Bag Credit $.05

Store sale/clearance $16.50

Store sale $13.00

Fred Meyer
(find IC regular price - on sale 2@2/$5)
Bag credit $.05

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Coke Rewards

Boy oh boy, am I behind or what? I know it - but life gets in the way. Anyway...

Do you collect the points like I do? We've gotten TONS of great things from there - so far all Coke products, but why not use them for what we like best? For as long as we've been part of the program, they had a 10-codes-per-day entry limit. Really, that's 100 points (if you're cashing in 12 pack codes), so that's not shabby. But if you're like me, that gets put off until you have a HUGE stack of them to enter... then you enter them like mad for a few days. Sitting in this room with me right now is about 450 points worth of codes to enter. No, we don't drink that much Coke. I pick through the boxes that are left out at Safeway by the can deposit return and get a LOT of codes that way.

But they're changing things up starting February 16th. On the surface it sounds great - no more daily code limits! But when you keep reading, its not so great for those of us with the 12 or 24 pack (20 point) codes. They've taken away the daily limit - but put a weekly limit of 120 points. Read that again - 120 points per WEEK. That's great if all your points are from 2L bottles and 20 oz bottles (each worth only 3 points). You can knock 40 out in one sitting if they've been stacking up. But my main points come from 12 packs, and they just knocked me down from 700 points a week to 120.

So, if you've got a lot of codes sitting around to enter, start doing it now. I have enough to keep me busy for another 3 days - maybe more after my next trip to Safeway.