Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Ice Cream!

(Sorry, Ali)

Go to
enter info
get email from them seconds later
click link to print coupon
IMPORTANT!!!! When you get the little two computers that "talk" back and forth to each other followed by the "thanks, you may now close this window" screen - HIT BACKSPACE THREE (3) TIMES
It will print a second time.

You now have two coupons for $3 off 1 pint of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

Next - wait until next week (starting January 4) and go to Walgreens.
Walgreens will have Ben and Jerry's pints on sale 2 for $6.
Get two pints of ice cream for free (or the cost of tax if your state has that).

Eat one - share the other - or eat them both and don't tell anyone =)

Disclaimer: If you resolved to lose weight or eat healthier or give up ice cream in 2009, please do not follow the above steps =)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A gift basket for the mamas

Simple Mom is doing a gift basket give away with some products for mom. The ones I'm most interested in are the soap nuts (I've heard good things before!) and the trash ties hair thingies =)

Go over for your chance to win!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lots of sweepstakes!

Good Housekeeping has a ton going on right now. I went there to register for the juicer giveaway that I read about in the January issue (yes, I'm 32 and read Good Housekeeping - I have for at least 5 years now). Then I saw they have a billion other ones there. So I've entered every one but the Lowes holiday lights display (we don't decorate the outside of our home) and the Binaca breath stuff (don't use it). Well, I also didn't enter the Walmart holiday bills giveaway - but only because it's not taking entries any longer (that ended 12/15).

While on one of the forms, I saw a side link to Philips Sonicare giving away free dental care for life (a $25,000 prize that can be used toward dental care). Since we're losing our insurance after this month, that really piqued my interest. And this is one that can be entered daily through 12/31 (the GH contests are all one entry only).

Go enter some contests... and good luck!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free books and some coupon links

This was posted in a livejournal community I read. What a great idea!

Need an inexpensive gift for a small child in your life. How about Beatrix Potter story cards I did this a few years ago for my cousins little ones.

I went to Project Gutenberg and downloaded 2 of her stories I then printed them out with the illustration on one side and the text on the other so the story could be read out loud from the back so the picture was always showing. I bought some clear contact paper and made faux laminating to cover the paper so it would last, but you can put them in a binder with page protectors.

If you dont want to give these stories the art work is great you can buy frames at the the dollar store and give the framed art work as a gift.

I'm having issues with coupons printing (the sites I'm clicking on are all saying I've already printed them... which I haven't). So I'm posting this list mainly to help me... when I go over to my husband's computer to try again. But there may be something here that strikes your fancy. So have fun =)

Progresso Soup

Coffee-Mate creamer (to pair up with the great Walgreens deal this week - just make sure to give them this coupon before their BOGO coupon in the ad)

And here's a great one that doesn't list an expiration date that I can see. So print a bunch! You can only use one per shopping trip, but if you like these and your store carries them, you'll have free chips for awhile!

riceworks free bag!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Looking for some new Christmas tunes to spruce up (ha ha) your playlist?

Amazon is offering a free Christmas download daily through Christmas Day. And you can go back and download all the others they have done since 12/1 as well.

Go HERE - and start your toe tapping =)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So, I've got this friend Melanie, you see...

... she's a professional photographer in North Carolina. And she's awesome. I think everyone should look at her work.

And this is the perfect time to go do it!

She's doing this thing called Cans For Comments. For every comment that is left on that post, she'll donate a can of food to her local food bank.

So head on over, admire her work, and leave a comment on that post by December 15th, okay?

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I'm surprised that I still have "followers" hanging in there with me! I really appreciate your patience. I love blogging, and I love saving money for my family by couponing. Unfortunately, when time crunch kicks in, blogging goes out the window.

I promised a big to-do for post 100. I'll do my best to deliver! There have been a lot of great deals going on in the last month or so. I've taken pictures of a few of them, so lets see what I can recall for you!

Before I bury you in old deals, lets make sure you know about a current one that is coming to an end today. Coinstar is giving a $10 holiday bonus if you turn at least $40 of change into a gift card or eCertificate. Go HERE for more information. Again, you have to do this by the end of business on Sunday, December 7th - and have the form it prints postmarked by January 7th. I can order some of my gluten free products through Amazon - so that's most likely the route we'll be going. I think we have about $40 in change... if not, I'll plan to buy a roll of quarters at Safeway before going to the other store to cash them in.

The B2G3 Coke 12 pack deal at Safeway yielded 30 packs for the cost of 6. Through today they're having the deal again (I found out when I ran in for the Sunday paper on Saturday night). If you have a Safeway in your area and want to get in on the deal as well, go to mycokerewards to cash in your Coke points - a BOGO coupon is worth 200 points and each can be printed twice. Be warned, they say that the coupons are good for 3 months from the time they're redeemed... but mine printed out saying they expire 12/31. I'll be writing them to find out for sure. We're planning to do the deal one more time if we can find the types Geof likes.

Time is really getting away from me and I have to get up early. Here are some picture teasers until I can do more writing tomorrow:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just signed up for swagbucks. I've read about it a few times before - most recently from moneysavingmom. So I figured I'd give it a shot. It hasn't been overly profitable for me yet - I got 3 bucks for signing up and won 2 while doing some internet searches. But I figure over time I might be able to get a gift card or two.

So if you're looking for yet one more way to earn gift cards this holiday season, go ahead and give swagbucks a try!

It's hard to believe, but next post will be post 100!!!! I think that would be a great time to catch up on all the awesome deals we've been finding in the last few weeks. Time is such a precious commodity these days that I'm just not getting on line as much as I used to. Lots of pictures and information to come!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Talk about an heirloom

Simplemomblog is at it again! She is giving away 4 beautiful family necklaces. These pieces are so beautiful... I really urge you to enter for your chance to win one of these lovely necklaces!

Go HERE to enter.