Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Coke Rewards

Boy oh boy, am I behind or what? I know it - but life gets in the way. Anyway...

Do you collect the mycokerewards.com points like I do? We've gotten TONS of great things from there - so far all Coke products, but why not use them for what we like best? For as long as we've been part of the program, they had a 10-codes-per-day entry limit. Really, that's 100 points (if you're cashing in 12 pack codes), so that's not shabby. But if you're like me, that gets put off until you have a HUGE stack of them to enter... then you enter them like mad for a few days. Sitting in this room with me right now is about 450 points worth of codes to enter. No, we don't drink that much Coke. I pick through the boxes that are left out at Safeway by the can deposit return and get a LOT of codes that way.

But they're changing things up starting February 16th. On the surface it sounds great - no more daily code limits! But when you keep reading, its not so great for those of us with the 12 or 24 pack (20 point) codes. They've taken away the daily limit - but put a weekly limit of 120 points. Read that again - 120 points per WEEK. That's great if all your points are from 2L bottles and 20 oz bottles (each worth only 3 points). You can knock 40 out in one sitting if they've been stacking up. But my main points come from 12 packs, and they just knocked me down from 700 points a week to 120.

So, if you've got a lot of codes sitting around to enter, start doing it now. I have enough to keep me busy for another 3 days - maybe more after my next trip to Safeway.

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