Monday, May 11, 2009

New phone means new ringtones

While we were at a family wedding, my phone and a spritzer of hand sanitizer were in my pocket together from the hotel room to the car. In that time the cap unscrewed from the hand sanitizer and saturated my phone.

R.I.P. my beloved pink razr

Anyway, I got a new phone. A really cool phone. A phone I wasn't going to be able to get since it was still going to be $50 after rebate and 2 year credits - and that's a lot. But we were at the mall checking out phones and our sale's guy was great - but his partner was a real jerk. I had enough of him rolling his eyes at me when I was correcting them on things like how and where you can use rebate visa cards (come on - I *know* my rebates, people!), how well certain phones cameras worked as far as delays from click to actually saving the picture (we did some phone testing while still on vacation... over an hour in another Verizon store). Anyway, I said, "That's it - we're done here" and took my kids' hands and walked off. As I was walking away, my husband heard the nice guy say, "I'll take $25 off the price!"

I thought about it, went back (without the kids and husband) and said, (to my guy) My husband said you'll take $25 off the price? [yes] And (to jerk) you'll stop talking and acting like I haven't been researching phones for the last week? [yes, ma'am] Okay, we're going to think about it and we'll stop back on our way out."

So, I got a phone that retails for over $250 for $25 after rebate ($75 out of pocket). And it's nice. I got the enV2 - in maroon - with a qwerty keyboard and the ability to have tons of cool ringtones. Now I just have to make them.

My husband found Ventones. He made a few for his new (free... good man) cool phone. Well, now I want to make specific ring tones for each of my contacts. Because I'm crazy. And what's better than that kind of fun? That kind of fun... for FREE!

So - give it a try! We're enjoying it!

Free Ringtones from Ventones

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