Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's in the bag

What an AWESOME giveaway! We love our reusable shopping bags - I keep a rubbermaid tote in the back of the van and it comes in with us to stores for when we check out. Not only does it cut back on trash from the plastic store bags (in our home and in landfills), but in a few stores they save us money as well. Safeway gives $.03 off per bag used, Fred Meyer gives $.05 and WinCo gives $.06! And since this is a frugality blog, you know we believe ever bit helps!

That's why I think this giveaway is so wonderful! SimpleMom is giving away a bunch of different reusable shopping bag sets HERE. So why not go over and sign up for the giveaway! She's got a great blog and always has lots of fun tips and tricks. I've just recently started reading over there, but she seems to have a lot of giveaways, too!

I'll have to post about all the fun ways we've acquired our bag stash - we've barely paid a thing for ours - most of them being free. In fact, I have 3 more that I'm expecting in the mail at any time from different giveaways. I've actually started using these shopping bags instead of gift bags when giving presents... it's the gift that keeps on giving!

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