Monday, November 10, 2008

Little goodies along the way

How about $1.50/1 Yoplait Kids yogurt?

Speaking of yogurt, I found a great deal at Safeway the other day. I am so NOT above hitting the clearance bins for meat and dairy near/at their sell-by date. I found 7 cups of Danon Light and Fit yogurt with the $.50 off your purchase stickers. There were a ton more there with the same date but without the stickers (they had been sticking just about everything in the dairy case, it seemed), so I asked an employee if I could get stickers for 3 more of the cups. He said the guys who did that were gone for the day, but if I asked the cashier he'd probably do it. So I got a total of 10, found one of my two favorite cashiers, asked nicely... and he did! Here was the breakdown:

Not sure their regular price
On sale for $.90 each
With club card $.70 each
With quick-sell sticker $.20
$1/10 Q - $.10 each!

I did something similar with 2 of the 4 packs of one of those digestive health yogurts.

We also got a BEAUTIFUL 2.5 pound beef roast for 50% off (about $7) by hitting the meat clearance section.

I have another great rebate that I want to share, but I'll admit that the wording on it has me kinda scared of posting anything about the deal. Help me decide...

This offer may not be published in any refunding magazine, website, or elsewhere without [brand name]'s written permission.

I happened upon the tearpads for this rebate at one of my regular stores a few months ago and have been holding on to the three of them (limit 3 per household) for forever until I could make the best deal possible with them. I'm ready to send them in, but it can take up to TEN weeks to get the check(s) in the mail! Let's just say that these rebates for this unnamed product will end up making us $7.05 on top of recouping what we've spent!

Final great deal is a free children's book from Kellogg's - they have a thing going right now (until they run out) where you send in two tokens from certain products (ours are from the double boxes of pop tarts) and you get a free kids' book. We choose Marsupial Sue by John Lithgow and there are 4 others to choose from. You can also buy additional books (the free offer is limit one per household) for only $5 - and that $5 goes to the Kellogg's United Through Reading program to help deployed service members read books on dvd for their kids back home. Click HERE for more information.

On a maintenance note, my posts here will be sporadic at best in the coming weeks. If I hit a great deal and have enough time to get in and tell you about it so you can join in, too, you bet I will. But we have company coming this weekend for my daughter's birthday, as well as overnight company coming for Thanksgiving... so I'm trying to spend lots of time getting this place whipped into shape and lots of clutter given to Goodwill for others to enjoy =)

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