Sunday, December 7, 2008


I'm surprised that I still have "followers" hanging in there with me! I really appreciate your patience. I love blogging, and I love saving money for my family by couponing. Unfortunately, when time crunch kicks in, blogging goes out the window.

I promised a big to-do for post 100. I'll do my best to deliver! There have been a lot of great deals going on in the last month or so. I've taken pictures of a few of them, so lets see what I can recall for you!

Before I bury you in old deals, lets make sure you know about a current one that is coming to an end today. Coinstar is giving a $10 holiday bonus if you turn at least $40 of change into a gift card or eCertificate. Go HERE for more information. Again, you have to do this by the end of business on Sunday, December 7th - and have the form it prints postmarked by January 7th. I can order some of my gluten free products through Amazon - so that's most likely the route we'll be going. I think we have about $40 in change... if not, I'll plan to buy a roll of quarters at Safeway before going to the other store to cash them in.

The B2G3 Coke 12 pack deal at Safeway yielded 30 packs for the cost of 6. Through today they're having the deal again (I found out when I ran in for the Sunday paper on Saturday night). If you have a Safeway in your area and want to get in on the deal as well, go to mycokerewards to cash in your Coke points - a BOGO coupon is worth 200 points and each can be printed twice. Be warned, they say that the coupons are good for 3 months from the time they're redeemed... but mine printed out saying they expire 12/31. I'll be writing them to find out for sure. We're planning to do the deal one more time if we can find the types Geof likes.

Time is really getting away from me and I have to get up early. Here are some picture teasers until I can do more writing tomorrow:

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