Sunday, September 14, 2008

Coupons I find

I have to admit that I'm not organized enough yet to do one of those awesome posts you see on other blogs. You know the ones - with the 30 links to really valuable coupons. I find one, I say "I'll have to post about that later" - and then I forget. So I think from now on, or at least until I get that organized (stop laughing), I'm just going to post them when I find them.

$3/5 Soyjoy bars!

$1/1 Johnson's Buddies - some of which are only $.96 at Wal-Mart (we got the easy grip sudsing bars)

$1/2 Easy Mac cups. I admit, I have my reservations about Easy Mac after a bad experience in college, but if I can find cheap and (I pray) healthy food for my kids...

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