Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Moral Issue?

I see a lot of posts in the coupon blogging world about Manufacturers Rebates. There are some that seem legitimate (I have one that I recently printed off and sent in for a new Arm & Hammer cleaner, and I've seen "try me free" peel-offs on boxes of cereal as well). But I just clicked on one that really got me kind of upset, and it seems to be pushed in the coupon world as a great thing to do.

The link was for a "Try Me Free" rebate on the new Duncan Hines Carrot Cake. I had just recently printed out $1/1 coupons, so I thought, GREAT! This is a money maker!

But the "try me free" rebate isn't that at all. It's one of those "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" rebates. Take a look for yourself. You have to actually select why you weren't satisfied with the product and why you want your money back.

Lets be honest, people. Don't start trying to get your bargains by lying. If you honestly didn't like the cake, then tell them so. But don't be telling others there's a rebate out there before we even try the mix - that's just unkind.

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Jenn said...

Yeah, that's just low. It's not like anyone NEEDS carrot cake anyway. Tsk tsk.