Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What an awesome Walgreens day!!!

It started out kind of as a bummer. I had applied for the Jane brush rebate last month, but it didn't process. I called them last week - the woman that I spoke with said that it should have gone through, she put a note on my account (I heard her typing it and she read it as she went) that they should do a one time adjustment, and she said to call them back in a week (today). But today, the gentleman I spoke with said the brush I bought wasn't part of the promotion. I don't see how, as the "free after rebate" tag was hanging off this particular spot on the shelf. But, whatever. I told him it was a good thing I hadn't used it yet - I'd go and return it today. He was a little shocked at that, but I'm not going to hang on to a "treat" that isn't a necessity right now if they're going to go back on their deal.


The rest of my time at Walgreens was AWESOME! I even had one of the sales clerks asking where I find my coupons, because he wants to send his wife to these sites, too! I plan to make up a list for him to give her - I'll bring it with me the next time I go.

Before I show what I got, let me explain why I did it in three batches. Walgreens has these great promos called "Register Rewards." For instance, this week, they had buy 2 Robitussin, get a $5 Register Reward (RR). Buy 3, get a $10 RR. These RRs are the same as cash at Walgreens, but they have some special rules. You can't get more than one RR per order/receipt. If you use a RR to pay for your order, you won't get a new RR - even if you're buying something that should print one. And they do expire... I think you get 2 weeks to use them. So if you don't use them, you didn't really save anything after all. So...

Order 1
Crest Pro Health Mouthwash
Sale price - $4.49 - get a RR for $4.49
I had a $.75 coupon from a Sunday newspaper insert.
OOP - $3.74, receive a $4.50 RR

Order 2
Robitussin DM - $3.99
Robitussin Cough and Cold - $3.99
Robitussin Night Time/Flu - $3.99

I had 3, $3.00 coupons from here (you can print as many as you want when the print dialog box comes up). This brought the cost of each down to $.99.

OOP - $2.97, receive a $10.00 RR

Order 3
This is where I bought my other rebate items and good coupon deals.
3 Ricola cough drop bags - $1.99 each
Travel size vacuum bag - $5.99 (FAR - hidden rebate since they were out last month)
LypSil Lip Moisturizer - $1.99 (FAR)
Walgreens Water filter (think Britta) - $6.99 (FAR)
Excedrin Tension Headache 20 ct gelcaps - $3.99 (FAR)
Revlon nail enamel - $4.49 (FAR)
3 bags of Bold Chex Mix - $.99 each (sale)
Total: $41.40

Here come the coupons!!!!
-$2.79 Walgreens Ricola coupon (in ad - 3 for $3)
-$.50 off Chex Mix
-$1.00 off Chex Mix (HERE)
-$1.00 off Chex Mix (same - print it twice)
-$1.00 RR (from last week)
-$4.50 RR (from Order 1)
-$10.00 RR (from Order 2)

TOTAL: $11.42!

Plus, I just got my notice in the mail this afternoon that my rebates were on my gift card, so I used my gift card for this third order and paid ZERO OOP.

And, from this order, I'll be getting 110% rebates equaling $25.80!

This is the time that I've heard the rebates get fun - when you can start rolling them from month to month and watch them grow! So I'll get to buy the next month's FARs out of this month's money and rebates and keep the cycle growing without touching our money. And these gift cards can be used not only in store, but for pharmacy purchases, too, from what I understand.

I am LOVING Walgreens!!!!



Jennifer said...

Are register rewards only in our neck of the woods? I've never heard of them but they sound awesome!!

MamaOnABudget said...

I think they're nationwide, Jennifer. If you look at the back page of the Walgreens ad, I believe that's where the info on the mouthwash is located. They even tell you about it on there - so I'm thinking it's a nationwide thing.

Not as easy as CVS extra care bucks sound, but they really do pay off!

yorkdale-girl said...

I'm glad you're having success w/ Walgreens. This is my first month trying to get a rebate from them, and after filing online, they 'cannot verify' my reciept. So now I have to send it in, and not get the 10% bonus. Bummer.

I also have to be careful when buying stuff that would qualify you for a RR. For some reason, I seem to have to call the manager over to credit my account (which they do, gladly), when I'd rather have the RR! (This is Stephie, BTW.)

Oh - Wags is doing another $10 off of $40 coupon this weekend - 9/12 and 9/13. :)

Jenn said...

Yay! Well, we will definitely be able to get the $10 off. I have to buy a mouth guard because I've started grinding my teeth at night. I think three extra kids is getting to me. - Jenn

Frugal Finds said...

I want a Walgreens too!!!!