Saturday, September 20, 2008

Old Navy Sale

I just got an email from them saying they're having a Best Friend Weekend at the store. Bring a buddy, say "BFF" at the register when you pay, and get 20% off.

Don't feel like going in (or don't have a friend to go with you)? It's online, too - 20% off AND free shipping. Enter the online promo code "BFF"

Looks like I'll be purchasing the kids Halloween costumes today. The three of us sat down at the computer and looked at all of them so that they could pick the ones they wanted. I love ON's costumes. They're well made and warm - and if you need to layer, you can layer UNDER them. We'll be purchasing them a little big so that they can be used for dress up for awhile. The kids still use the fire fighter costume from last year!

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