Monday, September 8, 2008

How to help fellow budget bloggers with your mouse

All of us who are in this couponing blog world are in it for one main reason... to save a little money. Maybe we start for extra spending money. Maybe some of you, like me, started doing this to try and keep more money in the family budget during tight times.

I try to make it a habit to click on at least 1-2 links in these blogs whenever I direct visit one of them. By that I mean that if I'm not reading your site through my bloglines subscription but I'm actually on your site, I'll click away as I have time.

I've added Google AdSense to my site awhile ago. I know some of you have been here (I really should get a site counter) as I've made almost $1 this past month. I thank those of you that have visited the ads on my site. If you haven't yet, please click on something that seems interesting to you - and help put a few more pennies in our virtual piggy bank! And go ahead and click on links on the other mama's blogs as well. If we all help each other out each day - what a wonderful (and frugal) world it would be =)

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