Saturday, September 13, 2008

I couldn't help myself - Walgreens was calling my name!

I had to go back!

Someone linked some $2/1 South Beach Diet high protein bars coupons. My never has been picky before son hasn't been eating as well as I'd like, so I figured these would be a great thing to have around when he's wanting a snack. Plus, they fit into the 2 for $5 sale AND the buy 3 get ___ free coupons from All You - and the free product would fit nicely into Easy Saver Rebate (ESR) 31 as well. I also did the Robitussin deal again (and I noticed from clicking on the link I gave the other day that they aren't doing the $3/1 coupons anymore...)

So, here was yesterday's trip:
2 Kraft Shells & Cheese - $3 (ESR 31 and B3G1)
2 South Beach High Protein peanut butter - $5 (ditto)
2 South Beach High Protein cinnamon raisin - $5 (tritto?)
3 Ricola Honey Herb cough drops - $5.97
1 Pert Plus Medium 13.5 oz shampoo - $3.79
3 Robitussin DM - $11.97
1 Crystal Light Raspberry Ice - $2.99
1 Nabisco Wheat Thins - $2.50

Total: $40.22

-$2.99 - Buy 3 Kraft get Crystal Light
-$2.50 - Buy 3 Kraft get Wheat Thins
-$2.97 - Walgreens' Ricola $3/3 coupon
-$1.00 - Pert Plus coupon
-$8.00 - $2/1 SBD coupon x4
-$9.00 - $3/1 Robitussin coupon

Total: $13.76

This was taken off my gift card from last month's rebates (with $17.95 remaining). My OOP was $0.

$10.00 RR for the 3 Robitussin
$5.50 (110%) ESR for the Nabisco/Kraft products
$4.17 (110%) ESR for the Pert Plus*

I'm going to have to go back within the next 2 weeks to use the $10 coupon - I may invest it into ESR 35 (buy $10 Hersheys, get $5 [$5.50@110%] ESR) - the ESR totals will have to wait until they next credit my gift card. This is an exciting month for Walgreens. I need to total up my purchases and see how much has actually been spent versus what's coming back!

(* Pert Plus is a hidden rebate. If you go online to submit your receipts, you'll see that there are 3 rebates listed there that aren't in the booklet. If I understand correctly, Walgreens does that if there was a problem stocking a certain item in the previous month. So go look up ESR 43 - up to $4.79 back - even a money maker if you use a coupon when you purchase it!)

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