Friday, September 26, 2008

End of the month slump?

Didn't really do much in the way of bargain shopping this week. I even submitted both of my rebates for the month a bit early. I may pick up some cheap cheerios tomorrow at Safeway, but even that's not a for-sure (we do have an awful lot of cheerios right now... I know, I know - stockpile the sale).


Here's what I DID get this week. I went to Walgreens yesterday to exchange a package of pull-ups. Awhile back, in fact one of my first really great coupon deals, I got a bunch of diapers and a package of pull-ups with a sale and two different coupons, plus a register reward. Well, my son potty trained a lot faster than we thought he would, so we had an unopened package of boy pull-ups - and a little girl that likes to try and be like her brother. While I save my receipts for everything, that's one receipt I just couldn't find (I said it was way back!). But they exchanged them, after a bit of confusion, for a same size/style pack of girl pull-ups. Now we're set for when M is really ready. The manager asked if I wanted to do my whole order at the same time (I was just getting some more diapers), so I said sure. They were buy one at regular price, get the second at 50%... and according to HCW ad previews, there wouldn't be another Walgreens brand diaper sale for at least the next two weeks. So I got the 4 packages of regular (not premium - I can't tell the difference and there's 4 more to the package this way) diapers for M, and I used my coupon for $2 off the diapers at regular price from the $50 pharmacy coupon book. But here's how God provided for our family once again because of Walgreens computer system...

The price for the diapers before coupon was something like 2 for $11.98 (can you tell I don't have my receipt in front of me?). My total order was 4 packages of diapers and the package of pull-ups. The computer took off $10 for the $2/1 coupons, and I ended up paying less than $12!

Tomorrow and Saturday, Walgreens is having one of their great coupon deals again - this time $5/$20+. I'm not all that interested in October's FARs (which start on Friday, btw), so I'm thinking of getting either 4 more packs of diapers and the only FAR that's interesting to me (the skin cleanser), or else get 6 packs of diapers. I'll do some more plotting and planning based on what my store has in stock and report back shortly =)

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