Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Of course, Tuesdays are my main bargain hunting day. Lucky number Tuesday at Bi-Mart wasn't lucky for us this week, so I sat in the car in the rain making my final lists for Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Rite Aid was kind of a disappointment today. They were having their Post cereals BOGO, so I thought I'd add my $1/2 to that and get a great deal. Only, their one you had to buy was close to $5... so no thank you. That seemed to be how most of the deals there went today - lots of BOGOs that were still out of my price range. What I did get, though, was a bottle of Sauve body wash (I'm just about out of mine, so I went with what I could find cheap - no one was having much sale-ing on body wash this week), Crest toothpaste, box of 18 Ziploc gallon freezer bags and box of 15 Rite Aid gallon freezer bags. Don't forget the 10% off with Rite Rewards (RR):

Crest Extra White - reg $4.49, sale $3.19, coupon for $.75/1, rebate for $3.19
FREE plus $.75 overage
Ziploc Freezer bags 15+3 free - $3.59, RR $.36, coupon for $.40/1
RA Freezer bags - $2.59, RR $.26, RA coupon for free RA brand with purchase of Ziploc
FREE plus $.26 overage
Suave body wash (50% more free) - $2.69, RR $.27, RA coupon for $1/1

OOP - $6.43
After rebates - $3.24

Then Walgreens. They **finally* got one of the two space bags in, and I had to hunt down some of the other sale items, but I found everything I was looking for... even my rain check items.

Dove Skin Revitalizer - regular $12.99, sale $9.99, coupon for $3.50/1
$6.49 + $3 Register Reward (RR for Walgreens)

I did that as a separate transaction so that I could use my register reward right away on the next order. I paid the $6.49 with what I had on my rebates gift card.

Cheerios - sale $1.99 a box, $1 off per box coupons from the Cheerios Challenge
4 for $3.96
Bic Permanent Markers (24 pack) - regular $14.99, sale $6.99, $3/1 coupon
Vacuum bag - $5.99, rebate for $5.99
FREE after rebate
Scott 4 pk TP - rain check for 2 at $1.99 each. Coupons for $1/1
2 for $1.98
Pencil box - regular $1.99, sale $.50
Pure Silk shave cream - $1.99, Walgreens coupon making it $.99

Total $18.41. Used my $3 register reward immediately, and finished up my gift card, too (there was only $14 and change on it). I $7.79 oop - or $1.20 after rebate (extra 10% for gift card)!

Tomorrow's preview: Grocery Outlet and Safeway, Safeway has a great deal on All Laundry Detergent. I have a $1/1 manufacturer coupon to add to their super coupon of $2.99 per bottle!

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