Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trying to figure it all out

So I headed over to Rite Aid today. They were out of the one thing I **really** wanted to get (Pert Plus) - not just for the coupon/rebate overage, but because it's actually a product we use with or without extreme couponing. But, I did get a few great deals there. I'm waiting to sit down with my receipt and rebate book and double check before I say anything - I'm still kinda new to this and want to make sure I'm saying the right thing so you don't follow my advice - and end up looking dumb =)

One thing I did get there that I know was a great deal was my calcium supplement, Posture D. I noticed last week that it would be on a BOGO sale (due to ad previews on hotcouponworld), and when I was in the store on Friday they only had two on the shelf. So that was where I first headed when I got there - and they still had those two boxes! PLUS, they were each with an additional 25% - so I basically got 2.5 bottles for the cost of 1 ($10.99). I have NEVER seen that one on sale, so YAY!!!

Next was a quick stop over to Bi-Mart for lucky number Tuesday. The numbers weren't lucky, but they were having a great sale on Bic pens. I checked with a manager to make sure they accepted coupons, and they did. Bic pens were on sale 4 10-packs for $1 - limit 8. I had 2 coupons for $1/2 Bic products. So I picked up 8 packs of pens for $0 oop. I bought a birthday card for a friend while I was there because I don't feel comfortable with getting that kind of $0 oop deal yet. I asked if they had a school supply donation box this year - and they didn't. So I quickly ran across the street to Walgreens and donated EIGHTY pens to the drive

While in there, I quickly looked to see if the had the last vacuum bag in that I've been waiting for - and they didn't. I looked at the Glade scented oil warmers there (I had a couple great coupons, and the refills were part of the Rite Aid deals today). They were BOGO! So I got all excited, went out to the care, got my two great coupons (a manufacturer's BOGO and a $4/1), and went back in. It took clarifying it with a manager, which I don't mind waiting for - I just stayed polite and patient, but I left with 4 of the warmers, each with one bottle of the oil, for $.79 oop!!!! Then, just before starting this post, I caught up on some of my other frugal mamas that I regularly read. Unfortunately, I jumped the gun JUST a bit. It seems that, had I waited until Friday to do this, I could have gotten a $4 rebate on them as well. That's okay... Live and learn. I still got a great deal on them.

Then I got home, plugged one in on the lowest setting in the kids'/guest bathroom, and remembered why I don't use them. GOSH they're strong! So I'll either have a nice little housewarming gift to give to someone or will have a Glade products give away on this site in a couple months. Hopefully, by then, I'll have a bit more of a readership!

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Jennifer said...

Awesome deals!! That's really impressive! Yeah, we bought a Glade package at Costco one time - it came with 3 inserts. I only used 1 and only for a very short time!!