Thursday, August 21, 2008

Other Wednesday finds

I was so excited about that one Safeway receipt that I had to get it posted right away. But we still had some other finds today that need to be mentioned.

First, props to Geof. We received another free A&W 2 liter coupon with my first order (WIC). I sent him off to find it while we rang up the other orders - causing a bit of a miscommunication between us (I thought he was bringing it back to me, he thought I wanted him to just get in line and buy it himself). The coupon had a max value of $1.59, and neither of us thought that a Safeway generated free item coupon would have a max of less than what they're selling the product for - so he ended up having to pay $.30 for it (and $.05 for the deposit). But still, $.35 for a 2 liter is awesome.

On our main Safeway trip, there was only one item we purchased at regular price - a bag of baby spinach. We also needed to pick up some Alfredo sauce for tomorrow's dinner. We have only really been saving coupons for 4 weeks, so we didn't have one that would fit the bill just yet. But Safeway had our preferred brand on a BOGO, saving us $3.69. As a treat for the kids, Heartland Pasta's Cars (Disney) shaped pasta was on sale for $1.50 (regular $2.59). Add my $.55/1 to that and they got their fun pasta for $.95.

Now we're in the land of Super Coupons! These are Safeway's extra special deals that you need to have a $10 purchase accompanying them to qualify (as well as the club card and store coupon).
Dunkan Hines cake mix - regular $2.15, card -$.96, SC -$.40
$.79 oop
Skippy creamy peanut butter (2)- regular $6.58, card -$2.58, SC -$1/2, Manufacturer's coupon $1/2
$2.00 oop
All Small & Mighty free & clear 32 loads - regular $5.99, card -$1.00, SC -$2.00, All You coupon $1/1
$1.99 oop (I may be repeating this offer later this week!)

Total before all savings: $28.18
Total after all savings: $12.91

I'll have to add Grocery Outlet later

Bi-Mart had their Pacific Rice Milk on sale this week (ending today) for $.99 each. Their sign said they normally sell it for $1.49, and I know I've seen it for more at Fred Meyer and Safeway in the past. I purchased 4 vanilla and 1 plain for $4.95 oop.

And how can I forget our treat of the day! Thanks go out to The Motherload for her Redbox code of the day. Geof and I enjoyed Dan In Real Life after the kids went to bed. It was a very enjoyable movie, no foul language, one scene that hints at nudity without anything being shown.

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Cubby's Gal said...

I miss Safeway SO much since we moved here. At least we finally are near a CVS and Walgreens.
My husband hears it all the time from me, "do you know how many free hot dogs we could have gotten this week at Safeway?" or "I would have loved to stock up on Safeway's diced tomatoes".

I am pretty sore about it. Safeway was my only deal gettin' place in WA.
It has been 8 months since I did my very last Safeway deal and we are still living off the super cheap canned goods we got.

I guess we can't have it all.