Friday, August 15, 2008


Walgreens took place over 2 trips this week. Combined...

Scott toilet paper - my store never got it in, even though it was a big store coupon sale this week. $1.99/4 rolls. The lady stocking the shelves offered to try and make other deals work for me (giving me a 12 roll pack for $5.97 or any other brand with 4 rolls for the sale price). I explained that I was hoping to pair it with my coupons ($1/1 - bringing it to $.99 for 4), so she offered me a rain check. DONE!

Still no vacuum bags.

Bliss from Hershey's - regular $6/2, with W coupon $4/2, with printable coupons, $2/2. Add a couple bags of Hershey's kisses ($1/2 coupon in the super saver book) you bring the total spent on Hershey's candy to over $10 - $5 rebate in the book this month!

Crest plus Scope toothpaste - regular $2.99 a box, on sale $5/2, 2 $1/1 coupons from two Sundays ago: 4 boxes for $8. $5 rebate off 4 boxes!

Arizona iced tea cans - regual $.99, on sale for $.50.

Bic Pens, on sale for buy one at $1.00, get one free. I have a $1/2 bic purchases - free! Plus, for some reason, the cashier gave me those coupons back. I even called when I got home and realized it, and he said he kept all the coupons he needed, so I'll get to use them again!

I also picked up 500 sheets of looseleaf for $.99. Not the best price out there - Staples or Wal-Mart has it this week for $.09. But we'd have to drive down 45 minutes to get to either of those stores, and I know we'd spend more that $.90 in gas doing so... so great deals!

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