Friday, August 29, 2008

Big News for Walgreens Fans!

This coupon is for $10 off your purchase of $40 or more this Friday and Saturday only. Use it buy into some of the free-after-rebates for September and you could score and additional $10 in savings on top of all that other freebie goodness!

I'm still working out my scenario - and I know that my Walgreens doesn't always carry the full stock of freebies all month long. So I'll just plan for over $40 and adjust as I go. Off to do some coupon compiling!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trying to figure it all out

So I headed over to Rite Aid today. They were out of the one thing I **really** wanted to get (Pert Plus) - not just for the coupon/rebate overage, but because it's actually a product we use with or without extreme couponing. But, I did get a few great deals there. I'm waiting to sit down with my receipt and rebate book and double check before I say anything - I'm still kinda new to this and want to make sure I'm saying the right thing so you don't follow my advice - and end up looking dumb =)

One thing I did get there that I know was a great deal was my calcium supplement, Posture D. I noticed last week that it would be on a BOGO sale (due to ad previews on hotcouponworld), and when I was in the store on Friday they only had two on the shelf. So that was where I first headed when I got there - and they still had those two boxes! PLUS, they were each with an additional 25% - so I basically got 2.5 bottles for the cost of 1 ($10.99). I have NEVER seen that one on sale, so YAY!!!

Next was a quick stop over to Bi-Mart for lucky number Tuesday. The numbers weren't lucky, but they were having a great sale on Bic pens. I checked with a manager to make sure they accepted coupons, and they did. Bic pens were on sale 4 10-packs for $1 - limit 8. I had 2 coupons for $1/2 Bic products. So I picked up 8 packs of pens for $0 oop. I bought a birthday card for a friend while I was there because I don't feel comfortable with getting that kind of $0 oop deal yet. I asked if they had a school supply donation box this year - and they didn't. So I quickly ran across the street to Walgreens and donated EIGHTY pens to the drive

While in there, I quickly looked to see if the had the last vacuum bag in that I've been waiting for - and they didn't. I looked at the Glade scented oil warmers there (I had a couple great coupons, and the refills were part of the Rite Aid deals today). They were BOGO! So I got all excited, went out to the care, got my two great coupons (a manufacturer's BOGO and a $4/1), and went back in. It took clarifying it with a manager, which I don't mind waiting for - I just stayed polite and patient, but I left with 4 of the warmers, each with one bottle of the oil, for $.79 oop!!!! Then, just before starting this post, I caught up on some of my other frugal mamas that I regularly read. Unfortunately, I jumped the gun JUST a bit. It seems that, had I waited until Friday to do this, I could have gotten a $4 rebate on them as well. That's okay... Live and learn. I still got a great deal on them.

Then I got home, plugged one in on the lowest setting in the kids'/guest bathroom, and remembered why I don't use them. GOSH they're strong! So I'll either have a nice little housewarming gift to give to someone or will have a Glade products give away on this site in a couple months. Hopefully, by then, I'll have a bit more of a readership!

Friday, August 22, 2008

This week's SUPER deals in review

I'm putting these together to participate in Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday. These are all links to posts from this week with all the details of how I got the bill down low.

Rite Aid $12.06 -> $3.24 and Walgreens $27.41 -> $1.20

They paid ME to shop at Safeway! $9.07 -> -$.18

Back to Rite Aid $19.96 -> $.98!

There were a few other purchases this week, but these were the most spectacular! I brought home $68.50 worth of goods for $5.24... a $63.26 savings!

Rite Aid

The people over at Hot Coupon World are awesome at helping you figure out deals. They helped me make a great deal today! I bought:

Befine warm clay mask packet - $1.99
St. Ives Elements Olive Cleanse - $6.99
St. Ives Elements Olive Cleanse - $0.00 (RA BOGO)
Rite Aid Epsom Salt 6lbs - $3.99

Befine $5.00 (RA Coupon book)
St. Ives Elements - BOGO ($6.99)

Total - $.98!!!!!

So, I got both St. Ives for free (Rite Aid paid for one with their sale, St. Ives for the other with their coupon), and the $3.01 overage on the Be Fine coupon paid for most of my epsom salt! The cashier was so funny. She looked at me and said, "I don't know how you do it!" I just said that I'm really careful with my family's money. She joked that if her register was short, she'd come looking for me. No need to look... I'll be back on Tuesday =)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Walgreens Coupon - Friday and Saturday ONLY!

$5 off your purchase of $20 or more (includes photo)!!!!

How is it working so far for our household?

I've only been at this about a month now. MAYBE 5 weeks tops. So I sat down and looked at receipts just from Rite Aid this month to see how this is working out for us. Here's what I was telling Ali (seriously, the worlds coolest best friend EVER) the other night on AIM.

While I was going over the rebates this evening, I did some figuring over what I've purchased so far at Rite Aid, how much I've spent, and how much I'll be getting back in rebates.

The only other thing I plan to buy yet at Rite Aid is a bottle of Pert Plus - Geof's shampoo. That rebate is for next week only, so I have to wait. But when they have those "this week only" rebates, they usually WAY discount the cost of the product for the sale week. It sells for about $4 now, the rebate is for $2 (and the new sale flier says it will be $2.99). I have a $2 off coupon - so I may actually MAKE $1.01 on it!

But not counting the bottle of Pert next week.... I've purchased about $56 in merchandise this month - and after rebates, depending on what I get for those Rice Krispies rebates, I'll have spent about a total of $8-12 out of pocket for a trunk full of stuff! And that's not even counting the huge mix up they made last week with my Mr. Clean magic erasers where they ended up crediting me over $2 more than they should have (and couldn't take it back when I pointed it out to them). So, really, probably about $6 total.

And that's just the ONE store! I have about $50 coming back to me at Walgreens, too! And $10 from Kelloggs and $5 from Pert and 2 pedicures!

Ali asked a great question:
Do you think you are going out shopping more frequently for all of these deals or is it about the same number of trips? Just wondering how gas costs figure in and stamps too. I know it's a minute part but it does all add up.

I definitely go out more frequently. Before the rebate madness, I never shopped at Walgreens or RiteAid. However, I do both of those on Tuesday, which is the same day that I do Bi-Mart (magic number Tuesday - check your member number on their sign to see if you won prizes), which I did anyway. So gas wise, it's two extra stops... but they're all within 2 blocks of each other

Stamps - Rite Aid and Walgreens I can submit online every month - so no stamps there. The others (this month is was 2 RK, Pert, Kel, 2 peds) - the two offers that I had two of - I put both in one envelope. So this months mailings were 4 stamps. We did have to buy this last book of stamps because I didn't know where mine were, but before my mom had her stroke, she ordered (I'm not kidding) 25 books of forever stamps. I used some at Christmas/funeral thank yous, and we still probably have about half of those. So we're set on stamps for awhile. And envelopes were purchased about 3 years ago now at Sam's Club - and we still have a couple good handfuls left.

An AWESOME giveaway!

FrugalHeart is giving away a coupon binder (sorry, no coupons) HERE. After reading her describe her system, I put one similar together for our family. I promise, I will NEVER look back to the old accordion file again.

Jump on over there and enter. Now! This runs through Monday the 25th.

Other Wednesday finds

I was so excited about that one Safeway receipt that I had to get it posted right away. But we still had some other finds today that need to be mentioned.

First, props to Geof. We received another free A&W 2 liter coupon with my first order (WIC). I sent him off to find it while we rang up the other orders - causing a bit of a miscommunication between us (I thought he was bringing it back to me, he thought I wanted him to just get in line and buy it himself). The coupon had a max value of $1.59, and neither of us thought that a Safeway generated free item coupon would have a max of less than what they're selling the product for - so he ended up having to pay $.30 for it (and $.05 for the deposit). But still, $.35 for a 2 liter is awesome.

On our main Safeway trip, there was only one item we purchased at regular price - a bag of baby spinach. We also needed to pick up some Alfredo sauce for tomorrow's dinner. We have only really been saving coupons for 4 weeks, so we didn't have one that would fit the bill just yet. But Safeway had our preferred brand on a BOGO, saving us $3.69. As a treat for the kids, Heartland Pasta's Cars (Disney) shaped pasta was on sale for $1.50 (regular $2.59). Add my $.55/1 to that and they got their fun pasta for $.95.

Now we're in the land of Super Coupons! These are Safeway's extra special deals that you need to have a $10 purchase accompanying them to qualify (as well as the club card and store coupon).
Dunkan Hines cake mix - regular $2.15, card -$.96, SC -$.40
$.79 oop
Skippy creamy peanut butter (2)- regular $6.58, card -$2.58, SC -$1/2, Manufacturer's coupon $1/2
$2.00 oop
All Small & Mighty free & clear 32 loads - regular $5.99, card -$1.00, SC -$2.00, All You coupon $1/1
$1.99 oop (I may be repeating this offer later this week!)

Total before all savings: $28.18
Total after all savings: $12.91

I'll have to add Grocery Outlet later

Bi-Mart had their Pacific Rice Milk on sale this week (ending today) for $.99 each. Their sign said they normally sell it for $1.49, and I know I've seen it for more at Fred Meyer and Safeway in the past. I purchased 4 vanilla and 1 plain for $4.95 oop.

And how can I forget our treat of the day! Thanks go out to The Motherload for her Redbox code of the day. Geof and I enjoyed Dan In Real Life after the kids went to bed. It was a very enjoyable movie, no foul language, one scene that hints at nudity without anything being shown.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They PAID ME to shop at Safeway today!!!!


I actually got $.18 in return for three free loaves of bread and a free can of dog food!!! Total savings was 102%!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Of course, Tuesdays are my main bargain hunting day. Lucky number Tuesday at Bi-Mart wasn't lucky for us this week, so I sat in the car in the rain making my final lists for Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Rite Aid was kind of a disappointment today. They were having their Post cereals BOGO, so I thought I'd add my $1/2 to that and get a great deal. Only, their one you had to buy was close to $5... so no thank you. That seemed to be how most of the deals there went today - lots of BOGOs that were still out of my price range. What I did get, though, was a bottle of Sauve body wash (I'm just about out of mine, so I went with what I could find cheap - no one was having much sale-ing on body wash this week), Crest toothpaste, box of 18 Ziploc gallon freezer bags and box of 15 Rite Aid gallon freezer bags. Don't forget the 10% off with Rite Rewards (RR):

Crest Extra White - reg $4.49, sale $3.19, coupon for $.75/1, rebate for $3.19
FREE plus $.75 overage
Ziploc Freezer bags 15+3 free - $3.59, RR $.36, coupon for $.40/1
RA Freezer bags - $2.59, RR $.26, RA coupon for free RA brand with purchase of Ziploc
FREE plus $.26 overage
Suave body wash (50% more free) - $2.69, RR $.27, RA coupon for $1/1

OOP - $6.43
After rebates - $3.24

Then Walgreens. They **finally* got one of the two space bags in, and I had to hunt down some of the other sale items, but I found everything I was looking for... even my rain check items.

Dove Skin Revitalizer - regular $12.99, sale $9.99, coupon for $3.50/1
$6.49 + $3 Register Reward (RR for Walgreens)

I did that as a separate transaction so that I could use my register reward right away on the next order. I paid the $6.49 with what I had on my rebates gift card.

Cheerios - sale $1.99 a box, $1 off per box coupons from the Cheerios Challenge
4 for $3.96
Bic Permanent Markers (24 pack) - regular $14.99, sale $6.99, $3/1 coupon
Vacuum bag - $5.99, rebate for $5.99
FREE after rebate
Scott 4 pk TP - rain check for 2 at $1.99 each. Coupons for $1/1
2 for $1.98
Pencil box - regular $1.99, sale $.50
Pure Silk shave cream - $1.99, Walgreens coupon making it $.99

Total $18.41. Used my $3 register reward immediately, and finished up my gift card, too (there was only $14 and change on it). I $7.79 oop - or $1.20 after rebate (extra 10% for gift card)!

Tomorrow's preview: Grocery Outlet and Safeway, Safeway has a great deal on All Laundry Detergent. I have a $1/1 manufacturer coupon to add to their super coupon of $2.99 per bottle!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A money maker from Money Saving Mom

Go HERE and register for a $1/1 coupon for Arm and Hammer Essentials. Then, go HERE and print the rebate for the free trial.

You end up with a free bottle of cleaner and a dollar in your pocket!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


If you aren't aware of it, Staples has been having some free or nearly free school supplies each week for the last, oh, month or so. This week the freebies are 8 packs of Dixon #2 pencils and plastic rulers (limit 2 free per customer). There's also an electric pencil sharpener that's free after rebate (I want to say it was $25 oop, but we did not purchase that as we have one).

They have some other really good deals that aren't free, but close. Some plastic 3-prong report covers for $.20, plastic 1/2" or 1" binders for $.25, plastic school boxes (like pencil boxes) for $.50. We bought 8 of the 1/2" binders to be used for our weekly "hymnals" here. There was a limit of 8 at $.25 - $.99 a piece after that, so I assume there was a limit for the other items as well.

Geof ended up going back to Staples for another purchase after some local comparison shopping, so he got a set of the free pencils and rulers as well.

My bargains -
8, 1/2" binders - $2.00
2, 8 pack pencils - FREE
2 rulers - FREE

Geof's bargains -
2, 8 pack pencils - FREE
2 rulers - FREE

All You

Have you seen this magazine at Wal-Mart? I heard about it on a couponing message board that I've been reading for more tips, and let me tell you... this is a great one! Since I already knew some of the coupons in there, I went in, located them, bought three... then went to work.

There was a strip of coupons on page 159 (a list of all coupons appears on page 184). Buy three Kraft or Nabisco products and get X free with the coupon. The frees were:
A box of wheat thins
A canister of Crystal Light
A bottle of Kraft salad dressing
A package of Oscar Meyer hot dogs
A package of Kraft Singles

Three copies of the magazine meant three coupons for each - and a purchase of three means three items total - not three for each coupon. I went with (10) Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (cheese and macaroni? :) ) since we were down to our last 2 boxes and Grocery Outlet isn't carrying any mac-n-cheese at all right now. Wal-Mart had them for $.50 a box. I also picked up 2 packages of orange jell-o since my kids are strange and actually *like* that stuff.

Only other purchase was two, 6-packs of toddler briefs for Robert - they were $3.96 each, and there was a coupon in this Sunday's paper for $1 off two packs. $7 for 12 pairs is not bad at all... and they're blank slates for me to put whatever cartoon characters he wants on them.

My purchases rang up to $53.34. After coupons, my total was $12.92!

There are quite a few other great coupons in the magazine. And Frugal Heart posted a link to a subscription trial of two issues for free with a "bill me later" option so you don't get an automatic charge to your card if you decide to cancel. Look for a lime green link on the right side of the page. It's a decent magazine... it's not a scholarly journal by any means, but the articles were nice and there were some household tips throughout. Really, though, the cover price of $1.97 - and Wal-Mart and subscription price of $1.77 an issue more than make up for themselves with the coupons inside. I'd really recommend you check it out!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mc Donald's Freebie

Free Mc Donald's Southern Style Chicken sandwich (breakfast or lunch/dinner style) with the purchase of a medium or large drink.

Click here - offer good through September 1st.

Edit to add - there's a coupon in the Parade Magazine section of this Sunday's newspaper from Mc Donald's for one Southern Style breakfast sandwich AND one one lunch/dinner sandwich - both with the purchase of a large beverage. Geof and I redeemed our individual coupons for the lunch sandwiches today (no, I didn't eat one since there's wheat in the bread and breading). But he said they were really good and well seasoned. And, at least at our Mc Donald's, it was cheaper by $.60 to buy the large drink rather than the medium.


Walgreens took place over 2 trips this week. Combined...

Scott toilet paper - my store never got it in, even though it was a big store coupon sale this week. $1.99/4 rolls. The lady stocking the shelves offered to try and make other deals work for me (giving me a 12 roll pack for $5.97 or any other brand with 4 rolls for the sale price). I explained that I was hoping to pair it with my coupons ($1/1 - bringing it to $.99 for 4), so she offered me a rain check. DONE!

Still no vacuum bags.

Bliss from Hershey's - regular $6/2, with W coupon $4/2, with printable coupons, $2/2. Add a couple bags of Hershey's kisses ($1/2 coupon in the super saver book) you bring the total spent on Hershey's candy to over $10 - $5 rebate in the book this month!

Crest plus Scope toothpaste - regular $2.99 a box, on sale $5/2, 2 $1/1 coupons from two Sundays ago: 4 boxes for $8. $5 rebate off 4 boxes!

Arizona iced tea cans - regual $.99, on sale for $.50.

Bic Pens, on sale for buy one at $1.00, get one free. I have a $1/2 bic purchases - free! Plus, for some reason, the cashier gave me those coupons back. I even called when I got home and realized it, and he said he kept all the coupons he needed, so I'll get to use them again!

I also picked up 500 sheets of looseleaf for $.99. Not the best price out there - Staples or Wal-Mart has it this week for $.09. But we'd have to drive down 45 minutes to get to either of those stores, and I know we'd spend more that $.90 in gas doing so... so great deals!

Rite Aid (with possibly more info than you want to know)

My Rite Aid finds this week -

Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner - $5/2 minus $2/1 coupon = $3 for one shampoo and one conditioner. Plus main-in offer for a free manicure or pedicure (hello cute toes!) makes this deal totally worth it!

Durex condoms - regular price, $12.99 for 12, on sale for $6.99, rebate for $5.00 - limit 3 rebates per household. Supposedly there was a $2/1 coupon two weeks ago, but I sure don't have it. Plus, the boxes at our Rite Aid were 50% more free (18). So, after rebate, 3 18-count boxes for $5.97.

Astroglide X - regular price, $11.99, on sale for $7.99, rebate for $7.99 - free after rebate

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers - buy 1 at regular price, get Rite Aid brand free. I had a coupon for $.50 off the Mr. Clean brand erasers. The cashier had to write in the price for the store brand erasers, but couldn't read that far up the receipt. I offered to go check the shelf. It had $1.99 on the shelf, $1.69 hanging off the shelf as a special, then the BOGO hanging off on top of that. She suspected, as did I, that it would be $1.69, rang it up, all done... until I saw that the receipt had it ring up for $1.99 originally. I pointed it out, expecting they'd just give me my $.30 back. But oh no. They had to return both erasers, the register doesn't recognize coupons in returns, so they gave me the full $4 something back - plus my coupons to use again. Then they rang up the order again, this time changing the price on the Rite Aid erasers to $1.69. I SO ended up making money on that deal!

Big City Shopping

We live in an area that is technically considered "rural." I laugh at that, a town of some 8,000, after having lived in "really-rural," a town of about 800. There are a couple major chains - Walmart, Rite Aid, Safeway... but if you want to hit up any major stores, you have to leave town. So that's what we did on Monday!

We hit Trader Joe's for some gluten free goodness for me. They carry a few different shapes of rice noodles, and their prices are out of this world compared to the local grocery store and health food store. Then we went to Target. Not a whole to comment about here. I started picking up the supplies for my coupon master book. We had coupons for $1/1 Method products and needed some more of their cleaner, so we picked up 3 bottles (I had 3 coupons). A cute little dress for M for $1.74 on clearance. But the cool thing was that my $1 off coupons rang up as $5 off coupons at the register! That's right, instead $3 off our order, we ended up with $15 off our order! The girl was so confused - she tried taking it off and putting it back on again. We both read the fine print on the coupons. They kept ringing up as $5 off (a product that was selling for $3.79!). She finally looked at me and said, "I have to give it to you for what it's ringing up as - just please don't complain to anyone!" I promised that I wouldn't =)

After dinner (we went with a $10 off coupon, only to find out that it is kids eat free every day until Labor Day - score), we went to WinCo. My husband's sister had recommended this place before, as well as another friend. We just never made the time to stop there before this.

Oh. My. Word!

We left there with a freezer full of meats and veggies, as well as some shelf-stable goods, for $167. That sounds like a lot, I admit. But were you to add up the same foods here in town, we would have spent between $400-500, easily. We are now SET! Geof and I have agreed that, as long as we can make the monthly or so pilgrimages out to Salem for Winco, we will not renew our Costco membership when it comes due in a couple months. That's out to Salem, anyway, and the biggest deal we were getting there was gas. For as often as we get out there (this was the first shopping trip in 2.5 months)... not worth the membership cost. As long as we continue to shop the super sales in town on things like cereal, snacks, toiletries, and the like, we won't have to do any major grocery shopping for at least a month and a half... maybe 2 months. We're talking fresh produce only! Milk and cheese are currently covered by WIC - for which we are (once again) extremely thankful.

So much to say

Before I forget - the Cheerios coupons I mentioned in this post - Are you a fan of Cherrios? The ones you are sent every week? They are $1/1, and you can print each week's coupon twice!

I've gotten some pretty great deals this week. I need to carve away some time to sit down and publish them all. I've been trying to figure out a plan for this blog. Here's what I have so far...

Saturday - get Sunday paper, review ads and coupons, plan weekly trips
Tuesday - Rite Aid*, Bi-Mart and Walgreens
Wednesday - Walgreens (often, my Walgreens is spending most of Tuesday stocking shelves. If something I'm looking for isn't stocked on Tuesday, it will be Wednesday it they got it), Grocery Outlet (ditto), Safeway (super coupons usually start Wednesday).

After the occasions, I'll take my time to blog my planned hunt and what came home with me. I will continue to update these posts each week with news and in-store deals (or web hints I've found) as they happen. It is my goal to not only use this blog to catalog my finds, but also to help others who want to learn the fine art of couponing succeed along with me.

And if you have tips? PLEASE!!! Leave them in a comment, post a link to your blog, tell me that I'm crazy! Whatever! I want to learn to do the best by my family that I possibly can - so help me out!

* Rite Aid has a new (at least to me) card system - Rite Rewards. 10% off Rite Aid brand products every day and 10% off your entire order, regardless of brand, on Tuesday. All the more reason to shop Rite Aid on Tuesday - making my purchases there as great a deal as my rebates +10% at Walgreens!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Nothing new today

As a new-again couponer, I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize my coupons. I want a way to easily see them, quickly flip through them, and not have to spend an hour each week weeding out the expired ones. Plus, it would be great to be able to sort out the store-specific coupons from the rest, and a double bonus would be to have a place for the coupons that I probably wouldn't use unless there's a great rebate/store sale running in conjunction that would make the product free or earn me money after using it.

Frugal Heart had a great idea here. How do you organize your coupons? Currently, my "will use" and "might use" are in my accordion folder I mentioned in an earlier post. The "won't use unless free or it pays" coupons are all thrown together in an envelope. So, obviously, I need a little help.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today's bargains

Nothing monumental today, but the bargains that I did find are worth noting.

Do you have a Grocery Outlet in your area? If so, you HAVE to check it out... and regularly. The different things they carry change often, but if you stumble upon a great deal for your family, it's like you've hit the jackpot!

Today's super find - Geof LOVES Famous Dave's. We don't have one here (and with my celiac disease, it's a no-no for me now), but it was our "special" dining option in South Dakota. And for Mr. Spicy... What's spicy?, Devil's Spit was the sauce of choice. 2 trips ago, they had Dave's Bold and Sassy sauce. Another flavor showed up last trip. This trip - Devil's Spit for $.79. I picked up two bottles for him =) Also, quite a good sized bottle of Bertoli's EVOO for $7.99. I'll be returning the bottle I bought at Safeway the other day... 1/3 the size for $5.49.

Then it was back over to Rite Aid for the other box of Rice Crispies with Strawberries.

Finally to Safeway for a couple items, including a free 2 liter of A&W Cream Soda from a register print out last week. Also a bottle of Mott's Apple Juice for $.99. I've NEVER in my life used an expired coupon, and I didn't notice this one was until the register wouldn't take it. I asked my favorite cashier to just put it back for me, but he said he'd make it go through for me - and let me know that Safeway was starting to really crack down on expired coupons. That was really sweet of him - and totally unexpected!

Are you a fan of Cherrios?

I know my kids are!

Sign up for the cheerios challenge and receive a $1 off coupon every week for 6 weeks!

From August 6, 2008

Today I was sucked in by Rite Aid.

I was going through our local paper today and saw the RiteAid ad. They had some FAR (Free After Rebate) items that were ending today, as well as some that went the whole month. So I figured I'd try my luck there. Just before leaving home, Frugal Heart posted a link to a $1 off Rice Krispies with Strawberries coupon, so I printed that out and took it along as well.

As I walked into Rite Aid, I was greeted by an end cap of Kellogg's cereals on sale for $1.99... including the Rice Krispies with Strawberries! Then upon closer inspection, there was also a rebate coupon on the front of the box for a $3.99 rebate check by mail! Are you following this?

Cereal - $1.99
Minus $1 coupon - $.99
Then add on the $3.99 rebate - I JUST MADE $3!!!!

And the best part? It's limit TWO per household! So I printed out a second coupon using IE and I'll head back to Rite Aid while I'm out for Grocery Outlet's restocked shelves tomorrow =)

Other Rite Aid rebates today:
Old Spice 3 count disposable razors - $3.99 - $3.99 rebate - FREE
Gillette Fusion Power Razor - regularly $11.99 - on sale for $9.00 - $4.00 Sunday coupon - $5.00 rebate - FREE
(mine also came with a trial size can of shave gel - bonus!)
Revlon Nail Enamel (Kiss Me Coral was my choice) - $2.99 - $2.99 rebate - FREE

So... OOP (Out Of Pocket) today I spent $12.97
Rebates coming back to me - $15.97!!!!

Then a quick jump over to Walgreens to check on the FARs that were out of stock last week. The vacuum bags were still out of stock, but the Walgreens brand water filters were in stock! So...
Water filter - $6.99 - $6.99 rebate - FREE

I used one of my register rewards from the cereal purchase the other day, and then $1.99 of the $5 cash they gave me when the third reward didn't print. So I didn't even have to touch any money that wasn't already dedicated to Walgreens.
Rebate coming back to me - $7.69 (additional 10% for adding it to my Walgreens gift card)

I made $3.70 today =)

running total of Walgreens Easy Saver Rebates coming to me this month - $32.71... hoping to add at least $17.58 to that.

From August 3, 2008

Less of a fiasco than Walgreens was my trip to Wal-Mart today. I saw a coupon in the paper yesterday (I get Sunday's paper on Saturday night to plan that week's shopping - since many times we shop on Sunday) for Pert Plus (or Secret) and a school supply rebate. There were 2 Pert (and 2 Sure - I don't use that) coupons attached to this rebate form. $2 off any bottle that was regular size (I don't remember the ounces off hand) or more and $3 off any bottle that was the bigger size or more. The rebate form was a $5 rebate on school supplies when you bough $5 in Pert or Sure products. Sooooo....

Pert   Walmart = FUN

Geof's shampoo of choice is Pert's Happy Medium, so it wasn't even like I bought something we wouldn't use just for the sale. (This is a great time sale-wise for us to stock up on it... the free-after-rebate bottle last week from Walgreens, this deal, and I still have a Safeway coupon from last weekend making a bottle $1.99.) The small bottle was $3.12 (-$2 = $1.12), and the larger bottle was $4.34 (-$3 - $1.34). Then it was off to the school supply aisle where Wal-Mart was having my favorite ever sale... Crayola Crayons!!!! The other prices were great, too. Here's how the things in the picture broke down:
$.22 - crayons
$.22 - crayons
$.88 - markers
$.27 - ruler
$.27 - ruler
$.22 - glue sticks
$.22 - glue sticks
$.22 - glue
$.50 - composition book
$.88 - colored pencils
$.88 - colored pencils
$.57 - pencil box
Total - $5.35

Okay - so take out a ruler to bring it closer to $5. Or I could shift around with some of the other cheap school supplies I purchased (I bought 2 more boxes of crayons and 2 spiral bound notebooks - those were $.05 each - to keep in the car for each of the kids. I figured I could justify spending $.27 each to keep them entertained while we wait for doctors or restaurant food or whatever. I also bought some construction paper and a K-1st writing tablet for practicing hand writing for Robert this coming year.

Plus some mini-fun

Free pedi heading my way

Herbal Essences is running a "buy two products, get a certificate for a free manicure or pedicure" deal through the end of the year. This weekend they also had a $2 off coupon, and the shampoos and conditioners were decently priced (these were $3.23 each). This isn't a major big score or anything, but I do love getting a pedicure and just can't justify doing that now... so I went for it (and I'll have some great smelling hair in the process!). I screwed this up a bit. I needed an original cash register receipt... but so does the Pert, and they're on the same receipt. So the next time I'm at a Wal-Mart, the customer service lady I spoke with said I should just return them and buy them again immediately = new receipt.

From August 3, 2008

All this for FREE!!!!

I got all this stuff FREE. Okay, well, it comes out to free. Walgreens is running a sale where you buy certain groupings of things (4 cereals for $10, 4 bars for $10, 5 snacks/cookies for $10) and you get a $5 register reward for your purchase. This Sunday's paper had a special coupon section from Kelloggs - full of coupons for $1 off 2 of certain products. Then if you buy 10 Kelloggs products, you can send in your receipt for a $10 rebate.

Now, as seems to be my luck with Walgreens, we had trouble with getting the register rewards to print out. SO I went through this whole thing with the manager of returning my order, buying it again (because he wouldn't believe me when I said that I should just return two of those groups and buy them each separately), and still having difficulty with only getting 1 more register reward... so he gave me $5 cash. But here's the breakdown...

2 Fruit Loops @ $2.50 each
2 Special K @ $2.50 each

2 Nutragrain bars @ $2.50 each
2 Special K bars @ $2.50 each

2 Rice Krispy treats @ $2 each
2 Pop Tarts @ $2 each
2 Fudge Stripe cookies @ $2 each
(this is one product more than needed for the register reward)
Total: $32.00

I had a $1 off coupon for each set above - or $7 in coupons

Total: $25.00

If they would have been purchased in these groups as three separate orders, I wouldn't have had to have the manager involved. But it all worked out for me to get 3, $5 register rewards
Total: $10.00

Mail in rebate for $10 off 10 Kelloggs products
Total: FREE!!!!

I'll have to come back later and talk about the other great deal I got - set up the stuff to take a picture and everything before I post.

(They also have coupons for some school supplies for $.09 each. I got 2 packs of pencils, 2 packs of black pens and 2 packs of highlighters for $.56. They had a donation box there for Lincoln City schools, so I threw half of those purchases in there. Still, coming home with 10 pencils, 10 pens and 6 highlighters for $.56 is still a great deal!)

VERY IMPORTANT EDIT!!!!! If you decide to do this, you'll have to go through and do the same fight that I did. Buy everything together on ONE receipt and then get the manager involved if your register rewards don't print. One of the caveats of the $10 refund from Kelloggs is that all the products have to be purchased on ONE receipt!

I goofed this one pretty badly by shopping on the 3rd when the rebate didn't start until the 5th. The word is that the good people of Kellogg's have pushed the start of this rebate period back to the 2nd. I'm awaiting an answer to my emailed inquiry to confirm - but I'm pretty sure it's true!

From July 30, 2008

I know you wanna be like me...

So here's your chance.

Tomorrow only, THIS COUPON can be used at Walgreens for $5 off any $20 purchase (total after coupons and before tax). I'm planning to go and buy the things in this month's rebate catalog that are free after rebate but that you have to pay cash for upfront. Those things are listed in their SUPER SAVER CATALOG (pages 19 & 22) - though I'll probably skip the makeup. I'm pretty sure I have another coupon for Pert, too.

My total tomorrow (before additional Pert coupon - I'll edit if I find it) will be $29.25-$35.24, depending on the olive shampoo ingredients. After Walgreen's coupon, it will be $24.25-$30.24. At the end of this rebate period, assuming that I don't add anything else to the rebate, I will be adding $32.18-$38.76 to my Walgreen's gift card (10% bonus for getting it put on their gift card rather than a check back)

I'm sure it sounds confusing. Long and short of it is that I'll be getting a bunch of stuff for free and an additional $8+ to spend next month... doing the same thing. This keep building until we need to use that money for something else, like toilet paper or a prescription. And this should be the last month that I'll be paying out of pocket as I'll have my gift card money from past months to pay for the following month's purchases.

EDIT - I found a $1 off coupon for Pert. So that's $1 less out of pocket and more on my rebate! if you're wanting to do the same deal.

What I ended up getting that trip:
Pert Plus - $3.79
Jane Kabuki Brush - $4.99
Walgreens White 3 Way (30/70/100) Bulb - $1.99
Bioinfusion Organic Shampoo - 2 @ $5.99 each ($11.98)
Crest Baking Soda/Peroxide Toothpast 6.4 oz - $2.39

Total: $25.14

$1 off Pert Plus (link above)
$1 off Crest (Walgreens EasySaver Rebate book)
$5 off $20 or more (Walgreens email)

New Total: $18.14

New Items available for Rebate -
$3.79 Pert
$4.99 Jane
$1.99 Bulb
$11.98 Shampoo

Total: $22.75
PLUS 10% for gift card - $25.03

There were a few other things I planned to purchase for the free after rebate sales that were out of stock. I'll go back on the 5th when they restock.

From July 26, 2008

This was just Thursday. Not the best I've ever done, but still pretty good.


Shredded cheese - regular $8.99, store card saved $2.00 (total $6.99)
Turkey hot dogs (2) - regular $3.58, store card saved $1.60, coupon saved $.98 (total $.50 each)
Turkey breast slices (2) - regular $7.98, store card saved $.98, coupon saved $3.00 (total $2.00 each)
Frozen chicken breasts - regular $12.49, store card saved $2.53, coupon saved $3.20 (total $6.76)
Head of lettuce - $.99
Tomatoes on the vine (1.65 lbs) - regular $6.58, store card saved $4.93 (total $1.65)
Baby carrots (2) - regular $4.58, store card saved $2.58 (total $2.00)

Bag credit (brought my own rather than using their plastic ones) 1 @ $.03

Total $23.36
Saved $21.80 or 48%

From July 23, 2008

Geof LOVES Pibb. We can only get it if we drive to at least 30 minutes, and Fred Meyer, the store that carries it, hardly ever has it on sale. We've been collecting the mycokerewards points for a long time now - never find anything worth spending them on, really. But the had an offer for spend 100 points and they'll send you a coupon for a free 12 pack of Coke products. Including Pibb. I ordered 2 (they were one per customer per visit - so it worked out well that we were both going down there). The day we had our trip planned to go to Newport, I also got the Fred Meyer coupons in the mail. There were a few really good ones in there, so we brought those along.

I don't have those receipts right in front of me, but I'll do this from memory as much as I can.

My trip
1 Pibb 12 pack @ $4.50 (it was on sale - go figure)
1 "designer cupcake" @ $.99
Coupons - free 12 pack, free cupcake
No sales tax in Oregon
Total: $.60 (can deposit)

Geof's trip
1 Pibb 12 pack
2 packages of frozen tilapia @ $2.99 each
2 packages of ground pork sausage (I don't remember the price)
1 bottle of the kids' acidophilus (about $10)
(something else that I'm blanking on right now - which is why I should do this as soon as I get home)
Coupons - free 12 pack, $3 off $3 or more in seafood department, $3 off $3 or more in meat department, 50% off one vitamin or supplement from a certain brand
His total went from $29 something to $9 something.

I then found 3 pennies in the lobby and had found a few extra cans in the can return when I took ours back for deposits. Always fun =)

Then today, I was reading in poor_skills. If you're trying to live frugally, don't mind skimming a fast-moving community for advice that fits you and are looking to save money - you really need to join in over there. Someone posted that Walgreens brand of disposable diapers are pretty good and they had them on sale for $5.99 (normally$8.99 each). There's a coupon book you can pick up in the front of the store with a "Save $5 on two" that includes these diapers. There's also a coupon flier available at the pharmacy that had a coupon for $2 off one. Plus, if you buy three packages of the Walgreens diapers, you get an instant coupon for $5 off your next shopping trip.

Yeah, like I'm gonna pass THAT one up!

It gets better...

Even though the coupon clearly states that it's $5 off for two packages, the computer rings it up as $2.50 off EACH, so that's $7.50 off. The $2.00 off one package of diapers rings up as $2.00 off EACH package of diapers. This isn't the guy ringing it up funny - this is what is happening when he's scanning the national coupon book. I got a few other things that had really good rebates ($2 box of Crayola washable markers with a $2 rebate, $9.99 box of vitamins with a $9.99 rebate, $.99 candy bar with a $.99 rebate), two boxes of ziploc bags with a $1 off coupon, and birthday cards for mom and Andrew (sibling) - not on sale. Total: $30.71 I have to submit the rebates, but that's $12.98 in the form of a check or $14.29 in the form of a Walgreen's giftcard. That's a prescription right there. Plus I got the $5 off coupon.

I went out to the car, put the things in, called Geof (because the sale ended in a couple days - they had just gotten their shipments in - and they were down to the last 3 packages of diapers in M's size). I decided to go right back in and do the diapers again. Here's where it gets REALLY good. 2 packages of diapers, one of their pull-ups, minus the coupons (that rang up the same way on a different cash register) - under $5. I had to pick something else quickly since there was now a line behind me, so I grabbed a hershey bar. Which also had a coupon (I didn't know that), now I'm at $4.89. So I grabbed a second Hershey bar - and I left with 3 packages of diapers and two chocolate bars for $.20. TWENTY CENTS!!!!!

We are set on diapers for quite awhile - and we still only use them when we're out or traveling or whatever... so they're gonna last a few months!

From January 7, 2008

Tomorrow, Geof is getting a PS3. I (not sure if seriously or jokingly) stared at him long and hard today - I told him I was trying to remember what he looks like. He said that I don't have to worry about that.

We'll see.

I am really proud of him, though. He has always gotten the newest Sony game system the day it is released. Pre-orders or waits in line. The PS3 has been out for over a year now. Sure, he has wanted one, but it just hasn't been practical to get one. Honestly, it's not practical now. BUT - he's getting it for free. We have a Sears Rewards card. It's our only credit card. We use it for everything. We get a point per dollar we spend (and occasionally they offer double points for groceries or gas or whatever). We pay it off each month and basically use it to collect the points. We've gotten gift certificates for Sears in the past that have gone toward our air purifier (think ionic breeze), waffle maker and steam cleaner. The last one, we got Sears gift certificates and used them to get new tires on the wagon (ended up spending about $15 for 4 new, good tires). So we decided over a year ago that the only way we could even begin to justify him getting the PS3 would be for him to either win it (like he did his brother's PS2) or to save up our points and use it toward that.

So Saturday, in the mail, was his $500 gift card to K-Mart (there are a ton of different places that you can choose for the rewards - as well as merchandise and travel). The PS3 is $499... and there's no sales tax in Oregon. So, as long as it is in stock, we'll be coming home tomorrow with a PS3. The up-side for me is that it's a blu-ray player, too... so I'll get to see a few movies (there's some mail in offer for 5 free movies). And he'll be happy.

But I already told him that I'm claiming the next gift certificate (it usually takes about 1.5-2 years to get the points saved up for what we want to use). Currently, I'm dreaming of a halo - or maybe an embroidery machine... but I've got a few years until then =)

From December 31, 2007

I can now die a happy woman. Since the stress of mom's house is likely to kill me, this is a good thing. Why, you ask?

I saved 54% of my total bill in club and coupon savings at Safeway tonight. And it should be a little more since I see they didn't charge me the sale price on one item ($1 more off).

Since 50% was my goal, I guess I can stop trying =)

Come along on the journey

I'm SO excited to be back in the wonderful world of coupons, rebates, and sales. It's what I jokingly call in our household "Shopping As Sport." It has been a good 5-6 years since I've been couponing to the extent that I am now, so I'm a little rusty. But I've thrown myself full-force into the hunt for the best bargains again - this time with a husband and a couple kids in the mix.

I'll quickly transfer my older posts here, then this is my new home on the web for all things budget bargains! Welcome! I'm happy to share my finds - and my failures - as I go along!