Sunday, October 12, 2008

Everything was in stock!!!!

Everything was there, and one of the products (the Pediatric Sinus Rinse) had an additional $1.00 off NOW coupon on it! There was a $1.50 rebate coupon attached to my Sucrets, but it's good well into 2009 and I have a $2.00 rebate on that one for now. So, I'll hang on to that one. Also, the BOGO on the throat coolers was only up to $2.50 and mine were $2.99. But, seriously, $.49 for a second box - I'm FINE with that!

This was such a great deal because not only will things come back FAR, but the out of pocket up front was so much lower because most of them were on sale, too. I don't usually do the regular price/sale price listing, but for this deal I really want to. If nothing else, just another reminder of how God has blessed us in a time when money is tight. And I'm thankful.

*Sucrets Herbal Berry $4.49/$2.99
*Chapstick Nat Lip Btr $2.99
Theraflu Warming Cough and Cold $6.29/$3.99
Lizard Lips $1.99/$.99
Triaminic Daytime Cough and Cold strips $6.99/$3.99
NeilMed Neti Pot w/ 50 Pkts $14.99/$10.99
Sinus Rinse Pedi Kit $7.99/$4.99
Soft Lips Pomegranate $3.99/$2.99
Little Colds Cough $5.99/$3.99
LypSyl $2.99/$1.99
Throat Cooler Grape $3.99/$2.99
Throat Cooler Strawberry $3.99/$2.99
Hyland's Sniffles and Sneezes Kids $6.49/$3.99
Simply Saline Baby $5.99/$3.99
Simply Saline Sinus Kit $9.99/$6.99
Bee MD Honey Lemon Cough Drops $2.99/$2.49
Children's Advil Blue Raspberry $6.99/$3.99
Excedrin Extra Strength Express Gels $4.69/$3.99

Coupons (links here):
-$2.50 (throat cooler BOGO)
-$1.00 Sinus Rinse Pediatric
-$2.00 Excedrin
-$2.00 Triaminic
-$3.00 Neti Pot
-$1.00 Theraflu
-$1.00 Children's Advil

Regular $103.82
Sale $71.32
After coupons/gift card (OOP) $48.82

Single Check Rebate -$71.32
Additional MIRs (-$7.99)

FINAL -$30.49

Between the Robitussin deal from Walgreens last month and this AWESOME deal from RA, we are set to tackle whatever this winter throws at us! Plus, I left there today with all those things above and an additional $30.49 soon to be in my pocket! What a great way to start the day!

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