Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Wags Scenarios

Okay - tomorrow is another $5/$20 (YAY!!! Not $25!!!) at Wags. Qs are available on Wags site, but also any site with coupons (personally, I'd encourage you to get your coupon HERE as HCW provides me with many of my great deals and sneak peaks!)

These are mine, and they're scenarios that I'm doing mostly on my own (the only assistance was in learning that the Oral B RR deal is still going on). If I have a nice cashier, I may up the mushrooms in each order to all 4 possible for the coupon as we used our last cans yesterday.

I have to get back to my paying-work, so please forgive me for not putting my coupons on here and where they're from this week. The prices I list are the prices after coupon - I can explain tomorrow if people want to know more... and will for sure with my receipts.

Age Perfect $17.99
Oral B $4.49
Neutra Air $1.99
3 cans mushrooms $1.50

Receive: $26.96 ESR + $4.50 RR

Tea Set $9.99
3 toys $13.98
St. Ives $2.99 (If Q)
Q-tips (if 1=$2)
Halloween balloons (if 1=$1.50)
1 can mushrooms $.50

Receive: $5.00 RR

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