Sunday, October 26, 2008

It pays to get to know your managers

I don't have time for a full details post, so I'll fill that in at a later date. But I talked with my favorite manager tonight at my Wags about the "new" RR restrictions and found out that the cashiers were wrong yesterday. You can use as many RR as you have - as long as you have at least that many items. RRs count as a manufacturer's coupon - not a gift card. Walgreens policy is that you can't have more coupons than items. For instance, I had $24.50 in RRs that I wanted to use toward something for me (I was thinking the foot warmer, but went with the Sunbeam throw). I couldn't use all 4 RRs on ONE item - so I bought the throw, 2 Pedialites and a tin of mints (4 items) and used all 4 with no problem. If I would have had a coupon for the mints, I would have needed one more item (4 RR + 1 Q = 5Qs... need 5 items). My SM (store manager) is really, really helpful and she kindly went right to the cashier and explained the policy to him again before I had to check out... and everything went smoothly!

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