Sunday, October 26, 2008

My $5/$20 deals

Okay. While I've been in a mad search for my Zout receipt (I can't believe I lost the one receipt from that day that I actually NEED), I figured I had better do my deals post now before I forget (and upload my ESRs to Wags immediately!).

Nutra Air Kit $5.99
Mushrooms $1.29
Mushrooms $1.29
Mushrooms $1.29
Mushrooms $1.29
L'Oreal Pro Calcium $19.99
Oral B Cross Action Tooth Brush $4.49
-$4.00 Nutra Air
-$2.00 L'Oreal
-$5.00 RR
-$1.00 Oral B
-$3.16 Wags Mushroom Q
-$5/$20 Q
Received $4.50 RR and $25.29 110% ESR

Christmas Wrap $1.99
Christmas Wrap $1.01
Christmas Wrap $1.50
Christmas Wrap $1.50
5.2 oz caramels $.49
5.2 oz caramels $.49
380 500 Q-Tip bonus pack $2.00
Play doctor kit $6.99
Play kitchen kit (mixer) $6.99
Play kitchen kit (toaster) $0.00 (their $6.99 toys are B2G1)
Princess Tea Set $9.99
-$2.04 Wags Wrapping Paper Q (brought each down to $.99)
-$.30 Q-Tips Q
-$10.00 RR
-$5/$20 Q

I know I've said before that I don't like to double claim my savings - saying "it's like I paid" and then tell you "but since I used my gift card and RR I didn't pay anything OOP." My bold totals above are what came off the gift cards (So, I really DIDN'T pay anything OOP!) But, I have to do the money out/money back report at least with this deal...

Money Out $31.08
Money Back $29.79

That's only $1.29 that I didn't recoup!

(And in the interest of transparency, the toaster is going back. It doesn't finish it's little timer without having to force it - and I'm SO not going to deal with "Mama... fix it!" over and over for the next few years. I think I'll replace it with the play tool belt... or the knock off My Little Ponies since they both really like my two from growing up.)

So it really was a good trip - even with my disappointing news from earlier. I'm now really debating whether I want to still get the foot warmer and sunbeam throw this week (they were going to by freebie birthday/Christmas gifts for me from my husband... yes, I was going to buy them, but he was on board). I really think I'd use the foot warmer a lot. Even right now, I'm sitting here at the computer and my feet are numb from cold (G and I are totally different when it comes to nighttime temperature - I've got the electric blanket on my side of the bed, he's sleeping next to the open window!). The throw was meant to replace mine that is already over 10 years old. I don't know.

What I'm actually kicking myself on... the digital frame. I've wanted one of those for 3 years now. They were $69.99 - $10 RR - $5/20 - $22 ESR (110%) would have brought it down to $32. Granted, though, I can't really afford to be springing for that right now - even with the gift card - so it was smart to skip it. But still...

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