Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here's your chance to get some traffic

We don't have CVS around here. Usually, I just skip the CVS entries on the blogs I read, so I really don't know who posts deals there at all.

Rebekah, one of my friends, is looking for info about getting into the deals at CVS. I'm WAY behind on my bloglines subscriptions... the only three I've seen so far are:

Money Saving Mom (CVS primers ONE and TWO)
Frugal Heart (this week's deals ONE and TWO)
The Centsible $awyer (this week's deals and CVS Superstars with lots of links to other CVSers)

and there are CVS forums over at HCW

Do you know of others? Have a link? Are you listed above and want a different (or additional) link listed? Leave me a comment! As I get more comments in, I'll update this list above. Rebekah, I'll still post more as I find them - I just don't want to keep you waiting forever... go out there and harvest some deals!

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