Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've got a deal a brewin'!

Every now and then, Safeway has their 12 pack Coke products buy 2 get 3 free. That's the sale that we wait for. currently has BOGO coupons for 12 packs for 200 points. You cash out your points, it sends you to a bricks link, you print your coupon. Yes, that's right, a link - the ones where you can hit the backspace and print it a second time. I've done this deal 3 times today - so spent 600 points and have 6 coupons.

Here's my scenario:
Buy 2
Get 3 from Safeway
use 2 BOGO coupons to get two more free...
and those two count as being purchased... so I get 3 more free from Safeway!

So for the cost of 2 12-packs, we'll leave with 10 of them! Repeat this 3 times that week and be stocked up with Coke for about 2.5-3 months or more for the price of 6!

How do you get the points? Inside the box of Coke - where you tear open the fridge packs - there's a code that you can type in to Enter your codes and keep building your points value. I also get extra codes by checking the box bins at Safeway when I go to return my cans. Many people just throw them out - I usually leave with at least 3 codes (30 points) - I once came home with over 100 points!

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Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think that we need a deposit system for plastic/glass bottles and aluminum cans here, in Chicago.

BTW - did you see that for 35 points, you could also get a $1/12 pack q? Also BRICKS? 4 Coke qs for 235 points? (Yeah - $1 off any 12 pack, then BOGO.)