Saturday, October 25, 2008

So bummed

I got some good deals today - especially for Christmas for the kids. But my Wags is no longer allowing more than one register reward per transaction. I'm really upset - I know I've mentioned that money is tight around here right now, and I had been saving them for a couple things that are coming up on sale this week. So now I have $10, $5, $5, and $4.50 - and I can't use them all together (or even the 2 $10s that I had before today - I was going to use 2 $5s together when I found out) for the one $19.99 and the $35 items I wanted to this week. I know that I can (and will) use the $10 one - as it will be expiring on the 29th. But after these are done, I don't think I'll be chasing the RR anymore.

I do think I'll be calling corporate on this new rule. I understand if the coupons say that you can't use them in combination with another. But the ones I have do not say that - and they advertise that they're "the same as cash" and "it's like getting it for $X" - but it's not if they aren't going to honor them. Either that, or I'll just be splitting up my orders into much smaller groupings from now on to use it up... and make more work for the cashier and hold up the lines. It's just ridiculous!

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