Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rite Aid Game Plan

There really isn't anything I want or need at Rite Aid this week. I may look for my rainchecked toothpaste for last week's rebate. But I still plan to make a trip this week - even though I missed my regular Tuesday trip.


Next week is the big 4 pages of (mostly RA brand) cold and flu prevention and treatment FAR Single Check Rebates! I need to sit down with my rebate book and my RA brand coupons (you can get them, too, for registering on their website!) and plan my attack. As I've said before, Tuesday is my Rite Aid day usually. But I also know that many times they're out of the one-week-only deals by Tuesday. Yes, you can call or fax in your info and they'll fix it, but I'd like to not have to go through that extra step. So... I think I'm going to go on Sunday. It's crazy - insane actually. But I think if I go this week with my list of what I'm looking for and make myself a map of which aisles I need to go to for each product, I could be in and out of there very quickly.

So, that's my plan. Are you planning to hit Rite Aid as well? What are you looking for?

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to shop @ RA - but there are none in Chicago. Although I have seen some advertisements (on TV), so who knows? Maybe they're moving into the area.