Monday, October 27, 2008

Rite Aid Sunday and Wags Monday

Only one thing at RA this week (so far - we don't get the ads until Tuesday, and I don't like trying to page through them online). We got one of the coupons for the Digital TV converter boxes from the government ( We currently have digital cable, but we aren't sure that we'll be able to keep it, so I figured better safe than sorry. RA has had the boxes for months, but they were always still $20 after the coupon/card for them. Last week, though, they were selling them for $40 - or $0 after the card. So, that's when I got ours. Geof's going to call the company tomorrow, though, because according to the box it should have a universal remote in it and it has the other kind of remote (dedicated?) instead.

In talking to my lovely SM at Wags today, I revised my shopping trip and took full advantage of the RRs I had (and received).

Grape Pedialyte $4.50
Citrus Pedialyte $4.50
York Mints $.99
Sunbeam Cuddle-Up Throw $34.99
-$10 RR
-$5 RR
-$5 RR
-$4.50 RR
Total $20.48 (off the gift card)
Received $5 RR for throw and $2 RR for Pedialyte, and throw has a $5 MIR

5 Cases Dr. Pepper $11.00
Bottle deposits $3.00
-$5 RR
-$2 RR
Total $7 (off the gift card)
Will receive the $3 in deposits back

5 12-packs of Dr. Pepper for $4. That's less than $.07 a can! And it will tide G over until a good sale on Coke at Safeway... =)

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Patricia said...

Great deals!

P.S.I love calculating really cheap soda :) Especially if it's Dr.Pepper :)